Stretching with Superman

He lands,
his muscles bulging
under red and blue fabric
his cape falling onto broad shoulders.

I stand on the opposite roof.
He does not see me, I think.

Suddenly, he bends,
strong arms stretching,
loosening muscles,
bending as if to tie a shoe.

He straightens.

I blink in surprise
that this super-human
should have done
such a mundane task.

He shrugs
and flies away.

Inspired by ‘Shoveling Snow with Buddha’ by Billy Collins

While Eating a Pear

After we have finished here,

the world will continue its quiet turning,

and the years will still transpire,

but now without their numbers,

and the days and months will pass

without the names of Norse and Roman gods.

Time will go by the way it did

before history, pure and unnoticed,

a mystery that arose between the sun and moon

before there was a word

for dawn or noon or midnight,

before there were names for the earth’s

uncountable things,

when fruit hung anonymously

from scattered groves of trees,

light on the smooth green side,

shadow on the other.

By Billy Collins

Out of the many poems I read by Billy Collins, ‘While Eating a Pear’ was the most thought-provoking for me because it exposes the poet’s thoughts in a way that the others don’t as much. It has more philosophical depth; it explores the idea that math is merely a tool for us humans to explain and understand the universe. Overall it is very eerie and thoughtful.