Pale pink faces hide

among blades of tall lush grass

her name is clover


birds trill in shade trees

milk is spilled across

an empty blue sky


Fern fronds face about

a venture in triangles

fabric from 80’s

4 thoughts on “Haiku

  1. These haiku are original and clear. I like the image of milk across the sky and your word choice in all three, especially “trill” in the second. Job well done!

  2. Great stuff, Amelia. I like all three. Each relies on careful and precise word choice, and each SOUNDS cool in addition to capturing some unique imagery. (trill-milk-spilled = awesome) I’m also digging the lines “a venture in triangles” (which sounds like a great title for a poetry collection) and “fabric from ’80s” (which is another unexpected and vivid way to describe a pattern). Nice choice to feminize the clover, too. That last line works well. It adheres to the “rule” that the haiku’s last line should be slightly separated from the first two.

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