The last week in photos

On the first day we went for a blind-fold trust walk, and then learned how to make a fire using the bow drill method. We read our fears aloud and burnt them alive.

Some of us climbed our first mountain. Vela knew where to go. Black mountain was very vibrant and green. I met a few new plants.

We canoed around Shadow Lake. Don’t pick up the snails, they smell. Taizha and I named our vessel ‘Dragonfly’ and it was a pretty sweet boat. We got through the obstacle course ahead of everyone else.

We visited Emily Dickenson’s house. We got to see where she wrote, and we met some people who were very passionate about her and her poetry.

We played Kubb. Don’t know what Kubb is? Ask a Viking.

GO WATO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




(initiation-fire burning away our fears)


(view from Black Mountain)


(Vela’s favorite patch of Wintergreen.)

Canoeing on Shadow Lake

(Shadow Lake)


(Waiting for class)


(Emily Dickensons’s House)