THIS week in photos

We saw everybody’s backyards, homes, and schools. I think that was one of the highlights this week for me. We all had such different backgrounds to our daily lives.

We went to Jamaica, there’s good tubing there. Jamaica= Jamaica State Park.

Everyone wrote down 5 things they would bring into Alaska in order to survive. I wouldn’t agree with some of those things, but I do agree that I would want a dog.

If you’re mountain biking, stay on the gears 1(123) and 4. Otherwise everyone will get mad at you because you can’t get up the hill.

We spent an entire morning trying to build a fire. The hardest part is holding everything still so that the bow doesn’t come off and fling your peg a hundred feet away. If it was just a matter of drawing the bow string back and forth it would be easy.

(I didn’t get my camera out much this week so there are a few random pictures)


(My dog I built in Ceramics class. He’s coming  with me to Alaska)


(The result of 13 people working on building a fire all morning)


(Another “nature invading the school bus” themed picture)

IMG_1662[1](Hanging out with Belle)

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  1. Another post that falls in the “I’m Glad You Did This” category. Next week I’ll be waiting for a grand compilation post entitled “Stuff I Learned in Summer Session” or something like that. You’ve already generated a pretty good list.

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