White Water Rafting

WATO went rafting.


When Ranmaru stole our water-fight bucket. Then Beatriz pulled it AND Ranmaru into our boat. Then Natomah pushed him into the water.

When the girl’s raft guide fell into the water.


(Girls raft takes better pictures)


(Grr we’re so tough looking)


(El Fuego!!!!!)

Fife 7-31 (41)

(W is for WATO)



2 thoughts on “White Water Rafting

  1. Another good set of photos. And, yes, the girls take better pictures. By the way, I really like how you’ve added the “About Me’ widget along with the photo from Monadnock. You did a great job of experimenting with WordPress this summer, and I hope you continue to think about how you can use new media to enhance your rhetorical skills (and your ability to entertain an audience) as you continue to learn more about the world.

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