It’s now officially autumn, and the weather certainly isn’t letting us forget it! Thursday nature class was cancelled today because Ms. Carol and her daughter Daphne were sick. We were going to a nature preserve on the Truckee river. We really haven’t done any writing on Tuesday yet, we’re still feeling out the curriculum and trying to settle into a groove.

For now this blog is going to be a lot of nature journaling until I get a chance to write. I’m working right now on Sully and Wren’s adventures, so I might put a page up for that…

Here are some of the pictures I didn’t put on instagram, because I try not to spam my friend’s feeds too much : )


Riley was obsessed with catching grasshoppers.


We hiked around Spooner Lake, and afterwards we went to Truckee Meaadows to sketch. Ms. Carol had to be in front to set the pace because everyone had been walking too fast and not enjoying the nature :D


The wasps were crazy because they were disbanded for the year and were hungry. They went wasp after our food, and some even were crawling all over Serena’s eyes and in her mouth for moisture! It frosted up there so they won’t bother us again. (Lillie and Riley)


Spooner Lake is gorgeous!

Hey :)

I’ve decided that I want to continue writing on this blog, and I’ve finally gotten up the courage to start again :)

This year my teacher is doing nature studies for her Thursday science class(for homeschoolers). Basically, it’s WATO but not as cool and only once a week. And also I take her writing/history class and I’ll post my writing, but it’s IEW which is BORING (to write, maybe it’s more exciting to read it).

So more writing, and more photo blogging(insert evil laugh).

I’ve missed you guys! This is what I’ve been up to the last month…



My Great Aunt and Uncle picked me up. I stayed there a few days and they took me kayaking(on the Farmington River in Connecticut near Simsbury…)


There has been a huge fire in Yosemite and it’s been like the apocalypse down in Reno… At least you can see the sky up in the mountains, although taking a 60 minute walk still made my lungs feel bad…


And so that’s about it… The fire in Yosemite is 80% contained, and so now we can start our lives again! And not have to stay inside all day….

It feels good to be back!!!!!