Summer’s End

It’s the end of summer. Hey you.

I should have kept up this blog over the summer- DC, Good Obsessions,Barefoot Hiking, New Starts.

Not in that order.


Today is August 26, 2014. I started today with a cream cheese udi’s gf everything inside bagel. I drove to Cathedral, with much less anxiety. Mom is enjoying her freedom to take pictures while driving. I envy her; ever since the prospect of having to learn how to drive entered my life, I have known I would miss watching the hills roll past, the games of blinking as the electricity wires dipping under the horizon line. Driving isn’t as bad anymore. I can maintain some level of calmness as I drive 55 miles an hour down Pyramid. With a large turquoise double truck right next to me, no.

Cathedral feels good. Last year at WOW I wasn’t challenged. It feels good to do math regularly because I’m accountable, and to discuss climate change and social and economic problems in Science. Ms. Linde is obviously conflicted and not outright with her views on climate change. I’m okay with that. I’m not going to deny my views because of something someone else believes. The chapter we are on is about insects and insecticides, and she was saying that the US being against DDT is wrong since in developing countries DDT reduced malaria, killing young children. Whatever extremist pro life catholic lady…

In like five minutes I’m leaving to drive to my first Composition 101 class at TMCC. I’m nervous. My hands are weak feeling and I’m not hungry. I forced myself to eat dinner. What’s this class going to be like? How does a class with 30 kids feel like? Is the teacher Joseph Tag-Lie-Ber Italian? He whose last name is two words and a half? I keep on referring to today in my head as “My First Day of College”. I have to go. I’ll report tonight.


Faith in Humanity...
Faith in Humanity…

Ok. Well Comp 101 is good. A fellow homeschooler was there, this being his first year in college. He went to IMPACT and I was in a Swing class with him.

The teacher is cool too. He is young, not Italian, with slightly receding red hair. He’s kinda cute. Shhhh. Then there is a nice variety of college kiddos; that short, fat buzz cut kid with baggy jeans and a rounded forehead; Those two girls who look like they were both modeled after the same picture with mascara’d fake eyelashes, straight and long black hair, and that glum pout; that one with the with black rings under her eyes that seem to encompass her entire face, and who laughs with sleep deprivation at whatever the teacher just said. That professional looking woman with beige snakeskin high heels who apparently feels exempt from the society because she’s not college aged: “If you signed up for this class, it’s your responsibility to give yourself enough time after work to get here,”   “But I come from Double Diamond!” (What alternate dimension did you come from, Lady?!?). That tall, pale, skinny, goth stick-kid with anime black hair and high, sunken cheekbones and sallow skin who comes in late.

I’m sorry, but how stereotypical can you get?

I’m nervous about this class but I think I’ll do fine. I feel internal pressure, being younger, to prove that I can exceed. Those timed essays, though…


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