Hmm. Lots of things happening around here. Writing class is continuing, Latin and Math and Science are still there. I turned 16. Went to Deep Springs. Probably changed my major (Not really; National History Day topic though). I might put pictures later.


In Composition 1, I am really just surprised how little the other people care about the class. I asked to join a different discussion group as the three guys in my group were consistently being inconsistent. Having only one person there in my group per week is lame (I swear they coordinate their absences). And, you know, it’s too much to ask that they have actually read the homework. Oh yes, it’s definitely plausible to discuss the reading material when you haven’t read it. The teacher has been splitting our present group members among other member deficit groups, and it is interesting to meet the other characters; at least they have something to say.


It was awesome to be at Deep Springs again. Zephyr wasn’t eaten by coyotes or trampled by a cow; that’s also quite awesome. We went to a lot of meetings where alumni talked for a long time. The students actually where amiable to us this time, because apparently last time everyone was really stringent about the isolation policy.

There was this coeducation meeting that I didn’t go to. Not because I didn’t want to. I was playing soccer. I figured showing the students how a girl could play soccer, and showing them that a girl could fit in, was more practical to the whole coeducation thing than sitting in a room and hearing about it. The students kept saying how good I was, but I am not sure how much was sincere, how much was the fact that I was younger, and how much was just blatant flattery because I am a girl.

“I want Amelia because she passes”.

It is true that guys don’t pass. Ball Hogs.

I am thinking of doing my next National History Day project on Coeducation, tying it into Deep Springs, instead of Sarah Winnemucca. It’s something I am more excited about.


And I also turned sixteen.  I guess that’s a biggy. Doesn’t feel any different. I don’t plan on getting my license anytime soon, everyone is asking about that. I just don’t like driving. It’s scary for many different reasons.


I’m just having a friend or two over for a sleepover. Nothing special. All of this emphasis on 16 years.

After all, it’s just another Saturday.

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  1. Happy birthday again awesome one. I liked this last one also, but what else is new. Did you get the book? VC Grandma

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