Once I Wrote a Story

Once I wrote a story about a man called Death, and I believed it was about inspiration and intellectual enlightenment, but really I found out it was still about death. But then maybe death is really a turning of old ideas, a new way of looking at things, so maybe again I was right. Maybe Death was a metaphor for intellectual rebirth was a metaphor for death. I’m not sure in what order.

So once again the end of summer is over and maybe summer, too, is a place for these things, a turning and composting of knowledge until it is something rich and earth-laden and complex. Ready for something new.

Blogs can be ignored for a season but eventually they must be tended, so here I am again. Hmm. Where to begin. Let’s work backwards.


School is starting for various people. A Not-Back-To-School picnic, Co-ops, and TMCC Classes. Meeting people before school starts, doing things before school starts, not thinking about school until after school starts. Y’know. Normal end of summer things. All of my classes at TMCC are going to be in the same two rooms right next to each other in the same building. I checked them out the last week of the previous semester and it was in between classes and the halls were awkward and eery with oversized walls and mirrors and worn stairs and stains and echoes. It would be a perfect place for a scene from a horror movie.

Avoid large spaces; keep to small, the walls whisper. I stand at the top of a wide, rubberized stairs and say adieu, until next semester.


Both classrooms have windows and don’t look cramped. This is going to be a great year. I know where I’m going and what I have to do, but there is still room for improvisation and spontaneity and there is no railing, as far as possibilities are concerned, and it feels good on me. As a correspondence put it about something, “pretty damn good”:

ART 141- 9:00-11:30- Digital Photography

ENG 205-  12:30-1:45- Fiction and Poetry

PHIL  210- 2:00-3:15- World Religions

Umm and then Math at home, per usual, as well as many other things ;)


I’m over halfway done with the Tahoe Rim Trail, with only 3 sections to go ranging from 15-30 miles and doable in two overnighters- am looking at John Muir Trail permits for next summer and they are a mess, with a competitive lottery for southbound and an even more esoteric and scattered lottery/permit system for northbound. Why does the trail have to begin and end at the two most popular, overcrowded places in the Sierras? And, solo or no solo?


I am also continuing to spout Latin names after the Sierra Wildflowers class, so that’s good. Thank you, VCG! Love you! <3

I guess the other big thing this season is I’ve been trying to document/film my summer, mostly through video. It’s hard, and we’ll see if we get anything out of it. At the very least filming and editing experience and something to show my kids someday, yes? I feel like it is worth the effort I’ve put into it.


Just some thoughts and rambling for your day,

Amelia        XOXO