Photos of Photos

I still have no idea how to convert my photo projects, here are just random iphone pictures I’ve been able to take of them.




Above are 3 out of 4 of my Photoshop assignment- all of the images I used were jPEGs from my Iphone, these are just pictures of the screen. The last you may recognize, it’s Uncle Ben’s buildings in the basement, with sky and ground texture added.

Below are the first prints and proofsheets I did for the Midterm Assignments. I would take more pictures of pictures but they are off being graded ;)

For finals, I am doing a typology of chicken portraits using overexposure, a “life in the day” of chickens series, and then a kind of retro series of stalking light in interesting ways and using colors to achieve this 70’s kind of asthetic. The teacher is amazing and it’s really exciting to work with her towards focusing all this. I am also kind of being an over-achiever person as I only need a prototype of a typology and a series, and I only need to finish one for Finals. But I am aiming for three :) Bye!!!

IMG_2604[1] IMG_2606[1] IMG_2623[1]