Hello Again, Faithful Friend!

It makes me sad to see my blog sitting here, lonely and dusty, without love. But, it will stay here waiting for me to write in it indefinitely (until North Korea decides to drop an atomic bomb on the Great Internet Hard Drive, wherever that may be, starting WW III. I plan on being somewhere up in the mountains when that happens).

The point is, I have been compelled to start writing something in here again. Here is what my life is like now, what is on my mind, and what I plan on doing in the future.

  • I hiked the JMT this summer. While I didn’t really feel like writing up a journal for the TRT, which was very fragmented due to it being a section hike, I want to write a series of journal blog posts for the JMT. I maintained a written journal up to the half-way point (MTR), at which point I was very behind in my writing and gave up. I also took video during the hike and plan on making another video like I did for the TRT.
  • I got two of my poems published in the TMCC literary journal, The Meadow, which can be found online here (my poems are on pages 57-58). I read one of them at a The Meadow poetry reading at Sundance Bookstore. My short story almost got in, too; I will have to settle with runner-up. While I want to continue writing poetry and fiction in my free time, it’s difficult with college classes and hiking.
  • The TMCC semester has started again. I am taking Modern US History (since the 2nd Industrial Revolution) and Philosophy on campus, and Women and Literature online. While I was super excited about the classes and teachers, I am only somewhat enchanted with my on-campus classes, and I like my online Women and Literature class the most. I am planning on taking only two classes next semester to rest up for the next semester when I go on to “real” college…
  • I am currently doing All The Fun College Application Stuff. I took the ACT + Writing test a weekend ago, am researching colleges and major programs, and we are working on making my transcript. October is the beginning of college application season, which means essays and filling in forms. There is also a Graduation to plan for the spring! Oh, the excitement of homeschooling and senior year… It’s like a whole other class! I am looking at outdoors-oriented schools that are preferably on the West Coast. Humboldt State looks promising. I want to major in writing of some kind, and Outdoor Education/Recreation Administration.
  • Amid other things, I also got to visit grandparents in both Florida and Cape Cod, at the beginning and end of the summer respectively! I am also now a cousin! Hi Lexi and Zoe!
  • I am planning a section hike of the PCT next summer. I want to do California sections I, J, K and L, which is from Sierra City to Tuolumne Meadows and is about 253 miles. I am just starting to research the route and resupply.

So, it’s been a busy summer and the school year ahead continues to promise a full schedule as well. I think that covers the catch-up. If my plan goes as promised, sometime soon I will be making good progress on my JMT journal posts, on my JMT video, and maybe a post on what I did/didn’t like about my gear setup.