Pre-trail Musings #6: Halfmile Maps


I just finished separating out my maps and Yogi town guides into portions I can send out to resupply stops. I don’t know how other people have done it- I think they may be sending out more map packages so they don’t have to carry as much weight. There is surprisingly little online literature on this. The portions I have weigh from as little as 4 ounces to just over 1 pound. I will probably separate the heavier packets again once I figure out where I will be getting packages from home and friends. I mainly want to minimize having to stress about getting into town before a P.O. closes, especially if all I’m getting is maps. But, I also don’t want to get frustrated with carrying a ridiculous amount of weight in maps.

Right now they’re separated into legs between places I know I will be sending boxes. Campo (start) to Warner Springs a hundred miles in, Warner Springs to Kennedy Meadows which is the last town before the Sierra (I need to separate this one- no point in carrying maps for 600 miles). Kennedy Meadows to Tahoe (where I will be going home to Reno for a few days), and then Tahoe to Ashland, Oregon. And finally a big map package sent to Ashland, where I will be making resupply boxes for much of the rest of the trail where there won’t be as many good stores.