Pre-trail Musings #8: One Week


A week and half is just as wonderfully abstract as 4 months. What even is a week and a half, anyways? It’s probably a lot of time.

Can you tell that I’m a habitual procrastinator?

I’m waiting on the last of my gear to arrive in the mail. I’m getting together for the last couple of times with my friends. On Friday my work is going to order pizza for my last day and I’m going to get my hair cut short. I have one last test to finish for Geometry, which I could have finished weeks ago but I haven’t. I need to empty out my car and clean my room, turn off my computer and make sure my headlamp and external battery are charged. I need to figure out how much effort I’m going to put into sending any resupply boxes. I need to download a movie from Netflix for the long bus ride down to San Diego. I need to write a bio for a photography print that someone is buying from me. I need to go for more walks. I need to delete all of the old JMT pictures from my phone.

I need, I need. I need to start walking.