Day 11- 0 miles in Idyllwild

I don’t have much to do today, mostly just eat and get my box with my tent and sleeping bag at the post office, and send it back with my quilt. I think I’m going to keep trying my tarp.

We all meet up and have breakfast at The Red Kettle, which is good. I get pancakes, hash browns and scrambled eggs.

The rest of the day is spent vegging in our room, writing blog posts and post cards, eating leftover pizza, and going to the post office to get and re-send the big box my mom sent my sleeping bag in. Thank you Mom!! ❤️ Maddy and I wander around touristy shops and try on hats. Drippy was going to head out today but Oldtimer and I convince him to stay in our cabin on our extra couch.

We all meet up again for dinner. They choose the Gastrognome, and I’m too full of pizza to eat, so I get a fancy ginger beer and sip it and catch up on journal writing, skipping in and out of the conversation until Ziploc announces that my new trail name is “Huh, What?”.

I can’t decide whether or not I want to see Infinity War again tonight since tickets are half off and cheap and why not, so I call my family and talk to them on the way to the theater. The line is out the door, though, so I decide not and walk back.

I sit outside for a bit on the porch swing talking to my parents, and then come inside and watch Yes Man with Jim Carrey on the TV with Oldtimer and Drippy and Maddy.

Maddy and I look at the maps and water for the section ahead. We’re going to carry 1 liter from Idyllwild to Tunnel Springs. We’re hitching back up to the PCT at Highway 74 tomorrow and starting the section up to the alternate, and doing the alternate together- it looks like we’re the only ones in our group doing the full thing. Then we’ll swing by Idyllwild to resupply for the full section into Big Bear ahead.