Hello, my lovely people. You are rad.

I have about 100,000 words total written for my PCT 2018 journal, which is approximately half of what there will be should I finish writing/expanding entries I missed. The detail that my perfectionist brain requires of me takes a lot of time. On-trail an entry would take an hour or two to write, which is why I started cutting myself some slack- I was getting too tired from the lack of sleep, and it was affecting my ability to enjoy myself while hiking. I would like it if I had a burning desire and motivation to start back-writing like I did last time, but I don’t (spoiler alert though, I finished the trail this time). In fact, every time I start thinking about the enormous task I feel that I don’t want to do it, like eating a salad with chopped-up bell peppers in it, or eggnog, or milk, or an egg with slimy whites, or… insert food that you would eat if you really had to, but will otherwise go out of your way to avoid. Because it’s unpleasant. Eggnog is unpleasant. Fancy ice cream that uses egg yolks to taste richer is also pushing it, honestly.

Long diatribe about foods I don’t like aside (there aren’t many I don’t like), the point was going to be that I am going to honor my lack of desire to do the work, even though I really want the end product. What am I doing other than writing and editing 100,000 words that I don’t feel like writing, you may ask?

Well, I am taking a couple of college classes right now to keep me amused and busy before summer and going to university in the fall happens. The semester started out pretty disappointing, with my friend and I dropping a class we were going to take together, the realization that my botany professor is one of the worst teachers I’ve had, and some snots in my drawing class, but it’s definitely improved and I’m the happiest I’ve been since the PCT in Washington. I am visiting both Northern Arizona University and Montana State in the next month to see how I like them. I keep hitting my bum knee (also PCT spoilers) against things like a fool™ and making it angry again. My knee is a bag full of bees who are tired of being bees in a bag.

Anyways, if ya’ll want to see what the heck silly old Picnic is drawing in her drawing class, I created a separate Tumblr to post all of that on. My Tumblr blog name is Tablepicnic for those who are savvy, or there’s a link at the end of this paragraph. I figure there’s a few or more people who have started following this blog for some reason since the PCT and I just wanted to keep it separate, but ALSO certain family members might be interested (hi grandma P, love you).